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familylifebanner3.jpgNicely hosted, this time by Karen, the above carnival is up. My “The break is over” is listed under Thoughts from Dad. There are 76 entries classified under various headings: Money tips, Party tips, Inspirational, Informational, Planning ahead, Mommy to the Rescue, and Thoughts from Dad.

Take a peek here.


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My brother-in-law left this morning with his wife. His son stayed back, against his will. He started crying as they left. But he has no choice. His parents have to resume duty tomorrow and they can’t leave him alone at home. They’ve postponed his ticket and there’s no way he can travel as the planes are fully booked during this period. He’ll have to wait for his grand-mother, expected back from the UK on 4 August after a three-month visit to her daughter in London, to fly back around the 12th.

On Sunday, in a partly cloudy sky with a light but cool breeze, we rallied the southern half of the island all the way from the centre where we live to the south-eastern coastal village of Mahebourg near the airport. We then linked to Le Morne in the south-west through the southern tips of Gris Gris, Riambel, Rivière des Galets, Baie du Cap, Macondé and La Prairie before looping back to the centre. The roads were unusually jammed, probably because of school holidays when people flock to the seaside, if not to the fairs, or both.

Delicious Chop Soy (Chinese cuisine), gratin with cauliflower and bread for lunch; some boiled manioc for the mid-afternoon tiffin; and we refreshed ourselves with sweet coconut water on our way back. It was a little more than a half-day 180-kilometre-drive. We reached home at around 7.00 pm, all exhausted.

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I just got a phone call from Reunion. My guests have reached home in good shape despite a shuddering descent at Pierrefonds (Saint Pierre) airport due to bad weather. They are relieved that their son’s doing better now. I can gauge how terrible it is to part from your dear ones, albeit for a brief period. I’ve experienced it on two occasions. The first one when I had to rush back home to resume work (I wasn’t granted longer leave), leaving behind the whole family in the middle of a two-week holiday in Reunion island. And the second when my family had to leave me alone in Rodrigues island where I was on a tour of duty in 2003. This time they had to be back for school. On both occasions my younger son (then in his early teens, grown up anyway) burst in tears, catching the airport crowd’s attention. Well, that’s life.

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Gene Genie, the blog carnival of genes and genetic conditions, is up at Med Journal Watch. There’s quite a bit about genes – Junk DNA: from science to framing, Genes and diseases and New techniques.

My Childhood Asthma Probe is listed under Genes and diseases.

For upcoming editions see the Gene Genie carnival page. Gene Genie #12, which is scheduled for July 29, will be hosted by My Biotech Life. For any submissions clike here.

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The above carnival is up at Life Insurance Lowdown. My Give… a drop of life posted a while ago is listed there. You may wish to submit yours here.

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carnival os small business issues My “Is there something like a strong password?” is listed in the Carnival of small business issues edition 7.

Take a peek. For any submissions click here.

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My Budget Day is listed in the Carnival of Cities for June 18, 2007 at “Home Turf Media” and in the Carnival of Budgeting #8 at “Payday Loan Lowdown”.

In one of the posts for the Carnival of Cities Vanessa Latimer tells us that Puerto Piramides offers more than just…whales (Southern Right Whales, that is) posted at Argentina’s Travel Guide with some nice pictures.

In the second carnival Jane Chin presents Couples: Joint or Separate Bank Accounts posted at Jane Chin; and Edithyeung’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Money Managers posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act are quite interesting.

Sugar Shortfall posted here a while ago appears at “The Boring Made Dull” under Economics and Social Policy XXXVIII. Here I was particularly interested with Charles H Green’s How Marketing Can Destroy Sales Trust posted at Trust Matters.

The other posts are equally interesting. Why not take a peek? And if you want to submit a post to any of the blogcarnivals you may do it here.

Have a nice read.

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Another post in the blogcarnival series. This time The Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life highlights my “May Day” of 30 April in the Carnival of courage June 07 issue, which has been referred to as a Cavalcade of Superheroes.

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